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Quick Start - Four - "How To" (This page)

This page provides various "How To" guides, tips, information, tutorials and diagnostic links.
Windows Explorer settings - go to the "Get it Right" page.
Windows Explorer is probably the most useful application to be found on your system.
Visit the "Get it Right" page for information on how to set up Windows and Windows Explorer
in a "user friendly" mode.

Portfolio Reporter users - special help page.

Connection Speed

Bandwidth Speed Test
Cable Modem Test
DSL Reports
Modem Speed Test
Navas Cable Guide
2Wire Bandwidth check
Test My Speed - links
telus speed test
Speed Guide
Broadband Speed
PC Pitstop


BrowserTune 2000
Diagnostic Tools
PC Pitstop iCheck
Performance Parasites
RAM memory testing
WinMag Wintune
WinMag Browser Tune
Win98 Shutdown
Win98SE Shutdown fix
WinMag Hot Fixes
ZDNet Updates.com



Avoid PC Viruses
Axcel216 Essentials
Current DOS Commands
Dial Up server
DLL Archive
DOS Index
DVD Demystified
FCC ID Search
Filex File identification
File Extension search
File & Printer sharing
FTP Planet
How Stuff Works
Internet Cookies
Internet FAQs
IT Webopedia
Neat Net Tricks
PC Technology
Shell Extension City
System Optimise Forum
Windows Registry Guide
WinMag Hot Fixes
Win 98 Annoyances
Windows Supersite
What is.. File Formats


How-tos & tips

15 Basic Problems
Bud's Troubleshooter
DIY 10 Reliable Fixes
Deal with Junk mail
Fix Win98 Multimedia
Fix Internet Explorer
Fix Win98 modems
How to fix memory
Internet Explorer 5
Inside Outlook Express 5
Move OE to new PC
MS Troubleshooters
PCForrest - Self Help
Scanning tips
Troubleshoot Win 98
Woram Registry Info
WinMag Online Tips
Winfiles Tips & Tricks
World O'Windows
Word Styles
ZDNet Top 50 Tips
ZDNet Help & How To


FrontPage 2000
FrontPage FAQ
Free Skills Tutorials
Internet Users
IT Pro Tutorials
MS Ask Maxwell
Office 2000 Superguide
Optimise Word 2000
QuickStart Guides
Search Engines
Stopping Spam
Software Quick Starts
Tweaking Windows 98
Tips for Powerpoint
Tips for Office 2000
Ulead WebUtilities
Win98 Setup
Win98 Usage Info
Web Tutorial

17 Dec 2000