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Peter McDonell, principal of McDonell Business Solutions (McBiz), works "one on one" with clients to achieve solutions in computer based areas since 1992. Peter is a Microsoft Certified Professional with specialist knowledge in the Windows 95/98/XP/etc areas. McDonell Business Solutions holds Business Registration No M7038530 and Australian Business Number (ABN) 44 086 470 034

Tasks undertaken include examining and recommending on operating systems, hardware, and application software, the electronic "house cleaning" of PCs, and tidying up and optimising office or home computer installations. Assistance on setting up, and the initial operation of PCs, the installation of modems and routers, connection to the Internet, and installation of small home or office networks are all aspects of the McBiz services.

McDonell Business Solutions is an independent reseller of both hardware and software. New computer supply, and the physical upgrading of existing computers, are integral parts of the business.

The usual "modus operandi" is to assess installations, install, configure and upgrade software or hardware, and make recommendations on matters which appear to warrant attention. Comment and assistance may be given on a range of matters including virus and malware protection and eradication.

Specialised services include troubleshooting and solving computer problems, whether related to hardware installation or malfunction, software which will not "behave", or operator misunderstanding.

Personalised instruction (on the operating system or application software) with "hands on" training can be carried out on site, where required.

The "Font Pharos" - comment, as the Font Pharos columnist, on font and typography matters, and other topics as whimsy has it, once appeared in a periodic column in Woody's Windows Watch otherwise known as WWW, a free publication, delivered electronically over the Internet to over 100,000 direct subscribers around the globe.

General telephone technical support is provided to the existing McBiz customer base - free for "quick" questions and at an agreed rate for matters which become time consuming. McBiz customers normally have the McBiz Quick Start - Reference Page configured for them.

Business activities have tapered off somewhat (2014) with reduced new client activity and current activities centred mainly on the existing customer base.

23 May 2014