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28 January 1998 - Web site first commissioned.

30 March 1998 - Passed the Microsoft Certified Professional exam - "Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows 95".

17 April 1998 - I have now established a "Home page" which is resident on my own machine but which provides instant links to those pages I visit with some frequency. It seemed a good idea and I have posted a variation to that, on this site. The aim is to provide a page which the user can download, leave on your own PC (i.e. as C:\MyHome.html), reference it in your browser, and choose it as your default "Home Page". A quick and easy way to start or continue the day's browsing!      

To access the Quick Start pages go to:-                                        
Quick Start - Reference Page

27 April 1998 - The McDonell Business Solutions banner heading on the "Home" page was a two minute job using an online utility to be found at cooltext.com Very neat! Worth a visit. 

September 1998 - Reference pages for my role as the Font Pharos in the WOW\WWW electronic magazines have been added to this site.

September 1999 - Decided I needed a dot.com identity (Isn't that the road to fame and fortune?) so registered ozmc.com

February 2000 - Being a devil for punishment, registered tascott.com (now hosted - December 2000) as my wife Kate, and I, spend our weekends at Tascott on the NSW Central Coast, about an hour north of Sydney.

April 2000 - (bit of a gap since the last entry). The Quick Start - Reference Page pages have been updated after culling through thousands of links I have found useful in my day to day computing consultant activities. Further improvements will continue to take place - intermittently.

December 2000 - I spend a lot of time making new PCs more "user friendly" for my clients.

Other domains, and in some instances web sites, in the "stable" are mcdonell.biz, mcdonell.com.au, mcdonell.name, ozmc.com, pointclare.com, largsbay.com and the Tascott sites - tascott.com and tascott.com.au. The latter site is central to Kate's business as a Central Coast marriage celebrant, or for search purposes marriage celebrant central coast.